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Meet Our Team 

Lisa A. Charleston
Managing Member
Jamie L. Kelly Member
David M. Thomas
Our Firm

When customers owe you money, the collection team at Charleston, Kelly & Associates can help. Our recovery-trained attorneys and paralegals assist creditors with collection of delinquent accounts through both amicable resolution and litigation. As we provide legal services in all phases of debt collection, many of our client's matters are resolved and collected without suit ever being filed.


CK&A's experienced collection staff attempts to resolve

accounts prior to litigation and negotiates acceptable repayment terms. If we are unable to do so, and assets warrant legal action, suit will be filed to protect your interests. Unlike many others, CK&A's efforts continue after suit is filed to resolve the case & educe the matter to judgment. Thereafter, we move to enforce post-judgment remedies, which may include property execution and bank garnishments. Striving to maintain a professional approach and a compassionate perspective our priority is to work with your customers to resolve matters amicably and maintain your positive business reputation within the community.  

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