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We have collected both consumer and commercial debts for over 23 years. Each matter is handled with the utmost skill and care in professional collection strategies and techniques.  As a contingency fee firm, we earn our money when we collect yours. If your contract or other documentation allows, our fee may be passed on to your debtor, along with the cost of collection. This would reduce your net cost and increase your return of bad debt. Our rate is competitive and our service unsurpassed. However, it's the personal involvement and attention to detail by our exceptional team that keeps our clients returning year after year.  


Nationwide Coverage
Our dedicated staff is hands-on in the resolution of outstanding receivables for our clients, whose customers and patients reside in most states throughout the continental U.S.  Our established relationships with a network of collection attorneys nationwide, allows your debtors to feel your presence in their backyards - another extremely effective way to recover money and positively impact your bottom line. 


Collection & Recovery 

Our experienced lawyers and paralegals act as collecting agents for most of our clients. Collection and recovery services include contacting debtors to obtain payment in full, establishing acceptable repayment plans, obtaining letters of protection on litigated matters, billing insurances and resolving disputed claims. We do our best to bring debtors to the table promptly and steer clear of unnecessary or unwarranted litigation. If legal action is necessary, our same dedicated team of lawyers and paralegals are ready and able to prepare those cases and initiate suit promptly. 


Litigation, Execution and Post-Judgment 

Not all matters resolve amicably with payment in full or acceptable payment plans. In those instances, our full service litigation practice enables us to pursue legal action directly and immediately, without the need for you to send the matter elsewhere. Post-judgment recovery efforts include, but are not limited to, bank garnishment, liquor license attachment, wage execution, and sheriff's levy. From start to finish, CK&A covers it all. 


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