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Lisa is a second-generation attorney who learned early on the importance of repaying bills. While an undergraduate at Villanova University, she worked as a collector for an international collection agency. Her strong collection skills, combined with a commitment to client service, enabled her to move into sales, marketing, national training and senior management. While working as VP of Marketing for the US Division of FCA International, Inc., Lisa attended Widener University School of Law. After graduating, she practiced at a large law firm in Philadelphia, maintaining a collection/litigation portfolio for her long-standing clients.


In September 1993, Lisa formed the Law Office of Lisa. A. Charleston and focused completely on collection and recovery matters. With the launch of Charleston, Kelly & Associates, Lisa remains our Principal Managing Member, and the firm continues its focus on the collection and litigation of commercial and consumer matters.

Lisa is an avid traveler, cook and fitness enthusiast, who coaches weekly classes. She has completed several triathlons, brought yoga and wellness to many communities both domestically and abroad and shares her passions with her remarkable daughters who never fail to keep her on her toes.


Lisa A. Charleston

Tel: 610-975-9737 ext. 203
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